Much has been written recently about angels and how we can be aided by higher forces. A recent survey indicated that nearly 70% of Americans believe in angels. Yet we have very little training in Western culture as to how to go about relating with an angelic being. It is often thought that in order to contact an angel one has to be religious, but religion has nothing to do with relating to the angelic. In fact, every human being has an angelic nature. When someone says, "You are an angel", they probably do not realize how right they actually are.



Your angelic nature is not the same as your higher self, your soul, or what we refer to in Actualism as the "Being of Light that you are". Rather, it is an aspect of your higher self. In Actualism we teach that there are many dimensions of the self. The lower dimensions are conditioned, personality self-extensions, of which the physical body is the most dense form. The angelic nature is in one of the higher, unobstructed dimensions.

With enlightened awareness and the use of light-fire-energies, one can move increasingly into harmony with the beneficent forces of the universe. In Actualism you learn how to contact the angelic aspect of your own nature—your angelic self. As you open to the support of your own angelic nature, you put yourself in contact with many other angelic beings who can also assist you in everyday life, as well as in times of great need.

All the great inventions that have so revolutionized our lives, from the wheel to the computer, have come from an inspiration—an angelic influence upon the minds of human beings. There are great resources of knowledge and extraordinary beauty at the angelic. Most of what we think of as genius in any field is the expression of higher mind qualities of the angelic dimension in time-space reality world. From the angelic dimension we receive inspiration. Those who are called "gifted" are particularly talented in bringing through from this dimension inspired knowing, feeling, and sensory awareness in their field of expertise. Whether in art, science, music, healing, or whatever, the angelic holds the key to that which will propel us into the future.

The more in tune we become with the angelic dimension, the more we can speed up both spiritual and material progress. To explore what accelerated evolution would mean, look at how you have changed and developed in the last year. What if you could make those changes in a fraction of the time, say in a month? What would your life be like? On a global scale, just think of the changes that have happened in the world in the last few years—so many breakthroughs in the fields of technology, communication, medicine, and politics.

Anyone who has followed world events for the last several years must be struck by the great changes that have occurred in a relatively short span of time. It was as if someone was playing a videotape of history and pushed the "fast forward" button. This accelerated change has been due to the influence of higher consciousness, including the angelic, upon humanity.

From my own experience, the more I open up to the angelic realm, the more I have the sense of a divine Presence working on my behalf. It's not that I don't have to do anything, but more like a partnership. This interdependent interrelationship between the human and angelic realms is echoed in the saying "God helps those who help themselves".

While it is wonderful to experience and relate with an external angel or "deva", there is no closer angelic presence than that aspect of oneself. As we come to experience our own angelic beingness in an intimate and personal way, we accelerate our own inner growth and development toward wholeness. What does this mean to our external life? The external world is an out-picturing of inner states of consciousness. Change consciousness and ultimately you change reality.



Although there are advanced techniques for exploring the angelic realms which are beyond the scope of this book, contacting your own angelic nature is as easy as thinking a thought. (Do you recall the Four Laws of Energy according to Actualism? If not, see Chapter 1).

Thinking is a powerful act. Whatever we think of, we unify with in consciousness. Thinking of your angelic nature invokes it. This is very important to understand, since you may not always have time to sit down and do a formal meditation session to gather and enlighten your awareness. If you can take a few minutes to do that, it will help your awareness to register the angelic interaction, but it is not necessary. Just thinking the thought sets events in motion. That is why it is so important to be aware of and choose where you put the power of your desire and will.

Thoughts counter to your good will and your true desire will pass through your mind from time to time, but it is your choice whether you will nurture and support them, or let them leave as quickly and quietly as they appeared. To deny or suppress negative thoughts only puts more power into them. Instead of denying negative thoughts, recognize and accept them into the light-fire energy as you intensify it or "blaze it up" If they are very stubborn, it may be necessary to hold them in the consuming fire aspect of your inner light until the low frequency energy is transformed and transmuted into high frequency. As you transform the energy of negative or low frequency thoughts, you are helping to process some of the planetary load of mass-mind consciousness affecting the planet. In this manner you are truly working on the side of the angels.



1. Move with enlightened awareness into your Upper Room, located six inches (about 15cm) above the center of the top of your head. Here think of, which turns on, your crystal White Star, which is about three inches (7.5cm) in diameter.

2. Let the Star open and release a downpour of its purifying liquid-like energy into and throughout your body, unloading any stress-producing low frequency energy that comes up.

3. Close the Star so it is no longer downpouring, and expand it from your Upper Room throughout your energy field. Using the power of thought to direct energy, invoke the consuming-fire aspect of the crystal white light to purify the energy field within and around your body. This field extends out from your body about 12 to 15 feet (approximately 4 to 5 meters) in every direction from your body.

4. Direct your enlightened awareness to unify with your angelic nature. Open to the abundant love, wisdom, good will, joy and beauty of your angelic beingness.

5. Think of anything in your life that you would like to improve, or any problem that you are working on solving. This could be about any personal problem including physical well-being, emotional distress, a relationship (or lack of one), career issues, or some creative problem you wish to solve. The problem, if personal, could be your own or someone else's. The main thing here is to keep your focus as simple as possible—don't try to force a solution. The less your try to solve at once, the easier it will be to receive clear input from your angelic nature. In fact, "trying" makes the solving harder.

6. Also unify with the angelic aspect of anyone who might be instrumental in helping you find a solution to the problem you have selected for your focus. You do not even have to know in your brain-mind who all the people involved might be.

7. Relax your brain. Don't try to see anything, or even to do anything. With effortless effort, observe and experience the impressions that come into your awareness. These could be physical, sensory, emotional or mental. Often the most illuminating ideas and insights come to us when we least expect them, because that is when we are most open to receive. The process is working whether you experience it immediately or not.

8. Before you emerge from this focus on union with your angelic nature, express gratitude to all the angels you are working with for their assistance. This expression can be verbal or nonverbal, or both. In receiving gifts from within, as in giving, "it's the thought that counts."

9. For the next few days, weeks, months, and more, observe the changes that are taking place in the area you have focused on in your angelic work.

That's it. It's so simple, one might miss the power and effectiveness of this approach. If you feel the need, you can certainly repeat the exercise above more than once on the same topic. In time you will become more familiar with your angelic nature, and you may find that you can achieve the desired results very quickly. Yet there are times when, no matter how adept we are at doing this, we may find the need to spend more time receiving angelic impressions. After all, it's not just about solving problems. It's about your growth and development toward the wholeness of body-mind-identity-Spirit integration.


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