A person who is giving and receiving with goodwill is wealthy.  

— Russell Paul Schofield


"Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within, and all else shall be added unto you." This biblical statement fascinated me even before I had ever heard of Actualism. There are many seekers on the path of spiritual growth, as there have been for centuries, and so many of them have been unable to attract outer wealth. I wondered whether they were not very good at seeking the "Kingdom of Heaven within", or they were just not interested in having external riches added to their inner abundance.



Eventually I learned that, despite the prevalence of the idea in many "Old Age" teachings, the problem was not that inner and outer wealth are mutually exclusive. True inner wealth can be very magnetic to outer wealth, if we allow it to be. Your inner Light will attract abundance if your attitude in consciousness is truly open to your becoming successful and affluent.

Based upon what we have seen in the world during the last several hundred years, it is easy to assume that to attract wealth—unless you inherit it or win it in a lottery—you have to be selfish, materialistic, and even unscrupulous. While many of the world's fortunes were built on greed and inhumanity, there is no inner or outer law that says it has to be done this way. You need not give up your principles of goodwill, honesty and fairness to attract wealth of any kind. The misconception of having to choose between being spiritually rich or materially rich is giving way, as more and more people bring wealth into their lives with the joy of goodwill, rather than the grim determination and deadly seriousness of greed and ill will.



The parable of "the good steward" reveals a great truth regarding abundance. We all have untapped inner resources from our divine heritage as God-children that are of inestimable value to the world. We are born with these talents and inner gifts in seed form, to help us begin our life journey. As we open to receive those gifts, through inspiration, meditation, and creative "play", we are guided toward fulfilling our purpose in life. As we learn to use and further develop those innate abilities, they grow even richer, and more are added. If, however, we choose not use our inner gifts and talents, "burying them in the earth", they seem to fade, as if they were taken away from us.

As more wealth flows into the hands of people who are concerned with using their resources in ways that promote the well-being of others, we see another aspect of what is meant by "the good steward". Money is, after all, a form of energy. Energy does not actually belong to any individual, it is "on loan" from God to whoever has use of it at the moment. When we die, the money-energy we had returns to the energy field of the planet. As the saying goes, "you can't take it with you". The good steward, knowing that he or she is merely the caretaker of the money, uses it in ways that support the good of humanity and the planet, and keeps the wealth circulating and multiplying.



Abundance can manifest in ways we do not recognize, and therefore fail to acknowledge. Many people "wish" they were wealthy, without realizing the wealth that is already present in their lives. For example, when you find an opportunity to do work that you enjoy, and you are paid a good wage for it, that's a kind of wealth!

Perhaps you are holding onto an idea of what financial wealth would be for you based upon some vague— even specific—. Ask yourself at what point you would consider yourself "wealthy". How much money would it take? A million dollars? Ten million? More? Very wealthy people, when asked how much they are worth, often say they do not know exactly how much money they have. Their experience of wealth is not tied to some exact figure, yet they have the awareness of being wealthy. Why should you let an arbitrary number make you feel that you are not wealthy? By letting go of fixed ideas about wealth, you empower yourself to start enjoying the consciousness of abundance, an inner state which draws wealth to it.

Actual wealth is not even limited to money. True affluence also manifests as abundance of good and goodness in relationships, health, richness of life experience, creative inspiration, and qualities of character such as compassion, wisdom, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit. As you increase your flow of giving and receiving with goodwill, you assure a return of greater wealth, according to the "coin of the realm" in which you have given. If you give love, you will receive a return flow of love. If you share wisdom, the return will be in kind. So those who would like to enjoy wealth in all areas would be wise to give generously of whatever form of wealth they have.

As you open to the flow from within you, you will find that you have much more to give than you ever thought possible. This is one of the deeper meanings of "seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within". As you open to receive in return, you'll find that there is more than enough abundance to meet your needs, and that others are delighted to share their inner wealth to help you.



An important aspect of building an experience of wealth in your life is to put some of your income aside in a savings account. It may seem strange when you are struggling to pay your bills, but even if you owe more than you can pay in any given month, knowing that you are building a "nest egg" gives you a real feeling of abundance. It's kind of like paying yourself along with anyone else to whom you owe money.

If you do have debts, be sure to pay back some amount on a regular basis, preferably monthly, no matter how small it may seem. You are building a flow in consciousness that demonstrates to yourself and others that you can manage material wealth. As you begin to feel wealthier, your consciousness will attract more abundance.



Are you being paid enough for your services? The question of how much your work is worth has a lot to do with how much you recognize and value the quality of your time, skills and talents. You may be worth much more than what you earn, but not yet be able to demonstrate that to yourself and others. One of the secrets of building a greater flow of abundance coming into your life is to give at least a little more than people expect from you. You may be surprised to find that they will eventually be happy to pay you more in return than you now think you are worth.

Building up the circulating flow of generosity, to where you see the results coming in the form of your return flow, takes time—'t be disappointed if it doesn't happen overnight. Inevitably, if you are giving your best and recognizing your worth, the return you deserve will flow back to you. That's part of the cosmic law of karma, the Law of Return, sometimes stated as "what goes around, comes around".



Another important principle in building your own experience of wealth is to give to charity some of the flow that comes your way. Some say you should away give a tenth of your income to worthy causes. I have found that the exact percentage is not as important as the act of giving freely to some organization or project that is designed to help others, rather than spending the money only on your own needs. As in so many areas of life, by helping to lift up others, we lift up ourselves.

One of the reasons that tithing, or donating a tenth of one's income has been an ancient tradition is that it is based upon a cosmic law of abundance. The goodwill and generosity that you put forth is not just returned to you by the universe, it comes back multiplied ten times over. This is the Law of Augmenting Return, sometimes referred to as tenfold return. It is the same principle in nature as planting. From one seed taking root and growing into a tree, countless seeds come forth.



This technique can be used to assist you in connecting with those who have what you need to complete a successful business transaction that serves the greater good of all concerned. It can help you find a job, a buyer for your house or other product, or a seller who has what you want to buy, at a reasonable and fair price.

1. Gather and enlighten your knowing, sensory, and emotional awareness.

2. Move with enlightened awareness into your Upper Room, six inches (15cm) above the center of the top of your head. Think of, which turns on, your crystal-white Star in the Upper Room. Think and let your Star open, releasing a purifying flow of radiant, liquid-like energy. Direct the downpouring energy through your body and let it overflow into your energy field.

3. Think of unifying in consciousness with the Beings of Light of all those who have what you are looking to buy, sell, or trade who would benefit as much as you would from the opportunity to do business together. You can narrow the request down as specific a group as you wish. For example, you could specify those who have exactly the job you want, or more generally, a job that would be enjoyable to you, at the income level you need. Of course, if you specify something that is way out of line with your actual needs and capabilities, you may not find it!

This step reveals a lot about your mind-set regarding your options. Sometimes we put limits on our success by having too narrow a vision of what we could do. Other times we block our own success by demanding instant wealth, or success way beyond what we are ready to handle. When in doubt, keep it general enough to let the Beings of Light work out the details.

4. Let the Light reveal where you have shut yourself off from the infinite abundance of life energy and substance. Use the consuming fire aspect of the Light to process any resistance to success that comes up into your awareness, such as doubt, fear, feelings of unworthiness, etc.

5. Send out beams of crystal-white light from your Star to the Upper Room of the persons with whom you have unified as Beings of Light. If you sense any obstructions blocking a powerful connection, invoke the consuming fire aspect along the beams of light.

6. Open up to receive the essence and lighted feedback in your Upper Room coming back along the laser-like beams of light that you have sent out. These beams are lighted, inner "information highways" that allow a two-way flow of telepathic communication (mostly nonverbal).

7. Assimilate the purified essence from all that you have processed, and be open to the opportunities as they come along.



The technique I have presented here is so simple that you might not recognize how powerful it actually is. I'd like to share a couple of anecdotes of personal experiences with this method:

1. I used it once when I was in graduate school and looking for a job. Soon I got word of a job as an admissions recruiter for the school. The interview went extremely well, and they told me they would be contacting me. Later, after I was hired, I found out that they were so impressed by the interview, even though they had already hired someone for the job, they created a new position so they could hire me too.

2. I shared this technique with a woman in Florida whom I met online. She wrote back within a few days to say:

I took your advice and did the work you suggested...I connected with [Beings of Light of those] who could afford up to $200,000, as we are asking $154,900...figuring they would want to do [renovating], etc. ...Bruce, feeling as stressed as I have lately, I felt like a dim light reaching out...JUST NOW...talked with my real estate office...have people very interested...qualify for up to $180,000, do not need to sell their house to buy and are very anxious to see this :).

Let me know how this technique works for you.. There is always room in the world for more success. Please feel free to send me reports on your experiences, and any questions or comments. You can reach me by e-mail me at info@actualism.org

Recommended reading:
Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra, MD. San Rafael, California: New World Library, 1993.


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