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Dear Fellow Traveler on the Star Path,

Quite frankly, not everyone who has read these articles has been sold on this method of inner work. People usually have one of three responses:

  1. I tried it and it works!
  2. I tried it and I'm not sure if it works.
  3. I tried it and didn't feel anything.

Before you plunge in to this material, a word of advice. If you try any of these techniques and "don't feel anything", relax. It doesn't mean that your efforts are for naught. In fact if you keep practicing the techniques, say for from ten to thirty minutes a day, the chances are very good that within a week or two you WILL begin to experience the benefits. You might even start to "feel something"! Keep an open mind, don't try too hard.

The secret is in the "effortless effort" of getting the energy flow started with the thought, then letting it happen. Most of us are conditioned to try to make something happen. In the case of inner work, that often blocks our means of perceiving what IS happening. So again, just think the thought, let it happen, and be open to observing and experiencing whatever you perceive, no matter how subtle.

Take your time. Assimilation is a very important part of this work. You wouldn't eat three dinners at one sitting, you would take time to digest. The same is true with this material. Each article is designed to be read, then practiced, so that you move from the idea into the experience. As you do so, each life-energy tool or technique becomes more and more an integral part of your consciousness, and begins to express in behavior. This is a process known as "earthing" -- bringing spirit into form, and translating changes in consciousness into action.

I recommend that you read at most one article in a day, work with the technique for a while, then come back and read the next one.

Yours in the Love of Light,
Bruce R. Jaffe


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