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The following essay appeared in Maps of Consciousness by Ralph Metzner, published in 1971 (Macmillan). It is an excerpt from an unpublished book by Russell Paul Schofield, "The Actual Design of Man as a Cosmic Being".


To resolve the rebellion of each new generation against that which was established by preceding generations—this is made possible by eliminating image manipulation of behavior, which brings each new generation to establish that which will in turn be rebelled against by the next, over and over again, generation after generation, as imaged values shift without regard to actual values. "The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children and childrens' children," said the Biblical teacher, referring to this process by which the evolutionary growth and development of mankind is minimized as the gains that each revolution seems to make at the time, are lost in the age old battle with the real enemy—the false-to-fact images that divide and rule humanity.

"Image government" controls all other government because it works from within the consciousness of each individual. So subtle is this force that those who find themselves in power during and after a revolution seek to perpetuate their personal advantage at the expense of fellow leaders and followers and the ideals for which they fought together.

Evolutionary gain can only be maintained for the maximum progress of all humanity by leadership in every area of human activity working together for freedom from the subtle, insidious forces of the counter-evolutionary power of images that victimize everyone from within.

This then is the basic freedom—freedom from that which grips and manipulates the behavior of each human personality, from the most powerful leaders to the hungry, unrepresented millions in ignominious servitude. Freedom, at all levels of consciousness, from image-mechanism-manipulation. Freedom for every member of the human family to express his Actual Self creatively.

Freedom to relate to all other members of the human family

—without fear but with wisdom,

—without rage-fight-violence but with good will,

—without hate-kill-grief but with love-cherish-joy, that passes all
   understanding until this freedom is won.

This is the proud bright heritage of light-fire passing from generation to generation without the slightest generation gap.



© 1971 Russell Paul Schofield