Bernice B. Cousins

Actualism Teacher
Co-Director, New York Star Center

Inspiration can come from many different sources.

The Muses are not hampered by the boundaries of time and space. They can draw from the limitless, boundless infinity of cosmic energy to fashion packets of wisdom which then are dropped into our personal universe with surprising accuracy of timing. Such was the synchronicity of circumstances in my life.

About two years ago, I was attending a retreat, the theme of which was "A time for healing". I was presenting two seminars. One focused on "Actual Healing" - what it was, and how it could be experienced, and the other on"The Shattered Self - Reintegrating Lost Identity".

As a part of the registration events, we were asked to select name tags. These tags were designed to depict ancient Runes. After selecting a tag, we were invited to read the "oracle" of that rune. My selection was the "Blank Rune" - the Unknowable-Creator/God/Odin.

The subscript on the tag was: "standing whole on the living earth, Beacon of Light through fires, floods, earthquakes".

The "oracle" definition read. . .


I no longer try to change outer things. They are simply a reflection. I change my inner perception and the outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude. I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed. I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life in unison with the perfect order of the universe.

So it was that the following experience had its seed planted. A seed which took almost two years to grow, and whose blossom was only realized with the writing of this posting. Since that retreat, I've had several experiences which can be directly linked to the consciousness shift inspired by that rune.

We often think of communication from nature and the need to be in places that are natural for this to happen. These experiences can also be connected with communication of nature essence through man-made structures. The most startling was the communication from a bridge!

I was riding across the Verrazano Bridge linking Brooklyn with Staten Island, New York. My attention was drawn to the tower structure looming overhead. As I looked up, I was flooded with an awareness of the BRIDGENESS! The FORM brought through from the mind of the engineer, and given life by the creative efforts of the workers who participated in its birth. I experienced the sub-atomic particles, coming together as molecules, that came together as steel, that came together as sheets, columns, wire cables. These in turn supported the sub-atomic particles that came together as molecules, that came together as the rock and other minerals which comprised concrete.

From the smallest to the largest, these elemental components were all unified and harmonized in consciousness to bring about and hold the FORM of that Bridge. Each knew its part within the whole. And, from this unity came the essence of BRIDGE...and even further, the very individual and special quality of THAT particular Bridge!

Without that shift in perspective brought about through the seed awareness planted by the definition of the Blank Rune, I might never have come to the place of communication with nature through the form it held as that bridge!

I would like to share an event that took place last September at a place called Glen Ivy in California. I had gone there to attend our annual all school retreat - to teach a few sessions, and get some much needed spa relaxation. I had been going through a really rough period -- too long to be funny -- each event a repeat of a similar situation some 10 years ago. As I passed through these personal challenges, I first thought - "my goodness, I thought I'd been through THAT ONE!, and then I realized that I was being given (or had made for myself) the opportunity to revisit  these challenges and literally fine tune my responses even with more detail. I was able to see that in this given situation, back in '84, I did thus and so, and it turned out this way...was that what I had intended? was I satisfied with the results, or did I want to try another approach? This helped me go through some really difficult events -- and I must add that this is STILL going on!

Anyway, I am at this wonderful healing spa which I understand is replete with ancient American Indian lore as a healing center, and one of our stalwart group leaders takes us on a short "nature walk" where we can commune with the Devic kingdom! I am assured that this is really a no trouble walk, as I am recovering from a very serious knee problem, and my knee does not like difficult paths, inclines, stairs, etc.

As I set out on what is NOT an easy route, we come to a Gigantic tree which literally blocks the path and we have to maneuver around it to go to a bridge across a brook. Well, I am enjoying all this, and yet I am feeling a pull back to that tree. Eventually I give in and return to the tree, and there begins the wonderful story of cycles, spirals, circles and growth. I felt compelled to "unify" with the elemental being of that tree. I simply asked telepathically - What do you need to tell me. And the tree responded. It said that it was Grandfather, guardian of the path, and it was its job to teach the younger trees. I found out later that this was a special species of Oak, I believe the California Pin Oak which is a very old variety, and this tree was a very old tree. It's trunk was a good three feet in diameter. The next thing that happened was that I felt drawn to stand with my back against the trunk - full body - and it was at that time, the "tree" spoke again. This time by touching telepathically into my awareness and drawing my awareness to where and what it wanted me to experience.

I felt the tree moving in the "wind" and realized that it did not sway back and forth, but felt the spiral, cyclical motion of the trunk - it rotated from a central axis. This was reinforced as it led me to the branches, which moved in the same manner. And then on to the twigs. I was led to a leaf, hanging from a spider thread - it too spiraled. Everything moved in a spiral fashion. It was fantastic.

The next thing that it communicated was to look at the ground where I spotted acorns. Again I was led by the tree to find the cycle of growth of these acorns, and I found buds, full capped acorns, and split ones which had left their caps to become seeds.

All of this took place within a time frame of about 20 minutes to half an hour. When we returned to the facilities after the walk, I tried to share this with others, as I am doing now. Some understood. Others were more interested in Devas than Grandfather Tree.

The capstone to this adventure came at the close of the retreat where we do a gift exchange of something that is meaningful for us for the year. As I came to the place of the gifts, I spotted a beautiful large Auger shell - spiral in form, and to emphasize the spiral, someone had carved another spiral so that the conical form spiraled even more dramatically.

I knew that that shell was mine, and that it was the emotional tie to the earth experience that I had had with the tree.

Yes, folks, we really never do come to the same place twice, it is always just a shift beyond!







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