Michael Bear

Advanced Actualism Lightworker
San Diego, California

©1998 All rights reserved by the author.

One of the most startling, spontaneous experiences I've ever had took place several years ago while driving to work. I was on the freeway driving to San Diego when suddenly I felt suffused with high frequency energy and was lifted up into the consciousness of the Cosmic Mother, or Feminine Aspect of the Divine Within. All energy centers become ablaze, as did the air around me, in and around the car and throughout my energy field and I became aware of this delightful, sparkling Presence within, throughout and all about my body. My consciousness expanded beyond the car to many feet above the freeway until I felt like a giant and there was this strange, dual awareness being both this little body sitting in the car and this giant Presence towering above the freeway.

Since this change in awareness took place so suddenly and was so startling, it was all I could do to keep the car on the road. I'm sure I must have been weaving like a drunk for a few seconds as I struggled between the dramatically different states of awareness. The whole experience was suffused by a tremendous sense of being loved and appreciated from within and lasted for several days. It was so powerful that I had difficulty concentrating at work with the air around me charged with this high frequency radiance. Later, I realized that this experience is common in the East and is known as 'Samadhi.'

During one remarkable advanced group session, I was unexpectedly taken within and shown how after death, no personality is ever lost or destroyed, but the essence of each one is preserved and collectively, they all contribute their qualities to the personalities of future lives. I witnessed a remarkable panorama of lifetimes parade before my eyes like a video on fast rewind, and saw how my current personality was made from the essence of all those in prior lives. Unfortunately, the 'tape,' or scenes of prior lives flashed by so quickly, my brain could not possibly record the details. I remained in an uplifted state the rest of the day and had a sense that I had been shown something truly extraordinary. It was only later that I good-naturedly berated myself for not getting more 'details,' but I have a feeling that tape was on 'fast rewind' for a reason. You get the details when you're ready for them!






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