Using our awareness and thought to direct life-energy, we can alter the organizing energy field of the planet. Every thought we think, and put more power into by dwelling upon, has an effect on the planetary field. Since we are ourselves living within this same energy field, any changes in the field reflect back to us. This means that there is instant feedback from the planetary work we do, if only we are open to perceive it. 



One of the most gratifying aspects of Actualism Lightwork for me has been the emphasis on planetary work. As I became aware of the tremendous problems in the world while I was growing up, I wished there was something I could do about them. Political action did not seem to be my calling. In Actualism I learned that I could do inner work to help raise the vibratory rate of the planet, and of the human family, thus finding an outlet for giving back to the earth that gives so much to us.

The Earth is a living being. Within its energy field are all the life-forms that inhabit the planet, from the mineral kingdom, through the plant, animal, human, and angelic kingdoms. Every species of life is like an organ in (and on) the body of the Earth. Each individual member of each species is like a cell in the body of the planet.

The human species is in the unique position of standing between the angelic and the animal kingdoms. We have a tremendous capacity to lift up the "kill or be killed" and "eat or be eaten" imprints of the animal kingdom as they arise in our own consciousness. Depending upon how we express our stewardship, the planet can once again become a Garden of Eden, or continue to degenerate and disintegrate into a barren wasteland.



We have very deep physical and spiritual links to the history of this planet. We are not just an organization of earth elements into a Homo sapiens or "knowing man." We are in essence and in fact cosmic Beings of Light and Love in an evolving creature form, learning to relate as a unified whole of heaven and earth in a physical body. We are evolving, as is the planet, in an interdependent interrelationship with every other life form. The consequences of denying this relationship have become all too apparent in the deterioration of our environment and its vital resources. Our survival as a species and the future health of the planet depend on humanity's awakening to its actual responsibility for the environment.

Yet as great as our physical responsibility is for the future of our planet, even greater is our spiritual ability to respond, and our opportunity to support evolutionary change. Recent breakthrough discoveries in quantum physics have brought our understanding of physics and metaphysics closer together than ever in contemporary history.



Physicists tell us that atoms can influence each other at infinite distances. Subatomic particles appear and disappear in response to the act of being observed. What does it mean to us non-physicists that subatomic particles, especially those of light (photons), metamorphose from waves to particles and back to waves again? It means that energy and matter are the same stuff, just in different phases of being. So the old saying of "mind over matter" is giving way to a new awareness of mind-body interaction and integration. Once you realize that energy and matter are inseparable, and that mind and body are intimately interwoven, it is easy to see how the laws of energy in Actualism, "Awareness directs thought," and "Thought directs life-energy," are manifesting everywhere.

The implication for the planet is that by using our awareness and thought to direct life-energy, we can alter the earth's organizing energy field. In fact, people influence it all the time, but few realize just how much. Every thought we think, and put more power into by dwelling upon, has an effect on the planetary field. Since we are ourselves living within this same energy field, any changes in the field reflect back to us. This means that there is instant feedback from the planetary work we do, whether we are aware of it or not.



1. Gather and enlighten your awareness. Light your crystal-white star and do a quick purifying downpour through your body.

2. Move with your enlightened awareness into your Upper Room, six inches (about 15cm) above the center of the top of your head. Unify with the Beings of Light of all people involved in this planetary work we are doing. You may also want to unify with the Being of Light whose body is the planet Earth, personified by the Greeks as "Gaia". In Actualism we refer to this being as the Planetary Logos, or just Logos.

There are a great many Beings of Light who are committed to helping the planet by doing inner work on a continuing basis. These are members of the Planetary Hierarchy of lighted ones, some of whom are in physical form, but many of whom are only in form on the inner planes. It is not necessary to know their names, nor to work with them in a personal way.

3. Send a beam of light from your star to the Upper Room of all those with whom you have unified as a Being of Light. The light you are sending from your star is like a contribution to a charitable foundation—your input, combined with that of many others can be used to help in areas where it is most needed.

If you wish to "earmark your contribution" you can unify with the Beings of Light who specialize in a particular area of need on the planet. Perhaps there is a problem in the world that touches your heart in an especially powerful way. Include those who are able to help on the physical plane, as well as those who can help on the inner.

As you are working with the light in this manner, you may have thoughts or feelings arise about something very personal, that seem to have no relation at all to the planetary work. Actually, whatever comes into your awareness at this point is relevant in some way. Accept all thoughts and feelings into the purifying light of the white star, and let the consuming-fire aspect reveal whatever essence there is within those seemingly random images that come into your mind.

4. Be open to the feedback of light coming to you from the Upper Rooms of all those Beings of Light with whom you have unified in consciousness. In that return flow of light is love, gratitude, and purified essence for you to assimilate. Drink it in, and let it expand from your Upper Room, throughout your body, and throughout your own energy field. Your field extends about 12 to 15 feet (approx. 4 to 5 meters) in every direction.

5. You can continue your inner work at night while your physical body sleeps. When you choose where you want the work to continue, you turn the subjective inner work over to your Higher Self. You may record the inner events as dreams, although it is not necessary to have recall for the work to take place. Be especially aware of changes reported in the news media in the area(s) you have selected. This could be a region of the world, or a particular realm of need such as the environment, world health, the economy, war, education, etc. You will be inner-directed as to what your focus needs to be at any particular time. Some projects you may want to work on over a period of time, others you may just touch on once. Either way, keep in mind this bit of wisdom:



by Elizabeth C. Barber, Advanced Actualism Teacher

You are not responsible for the fate of the planet Earth. However, as you tap, channel and direct life-energy through your personality systems, the God-children who have chosen that mission are provided with augmented power to support and protect our beloved earth home. The love and gratitude that you receive and accept in return from them helps you make progress toward your own personal goal.

*Used by permission.


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