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A time for new beginnings,

renewal, reclamation and redemption



Dear Friends and Companions in the Light,

Many of us experienced the crossing of the threshold to the new millennium as a global celebration of peace and goodwill regardless of where it was taking place. We saw firsthand the unity of intention for peace and goodwill expressed through the diverse cultures of the world. Each in its own way celebrated the passing of the old, and heralding the birth of a new age, a new consciousness of joy, abundance and harmony. Many have awakened to and recognize the need to work together to bring harmony and balance to the planet.

On the individual, human level we are also seeing an unprecedented opening and reaching out for meaning, reverence, peace, harmony and unity. There is a longing for understanding, acceptance and belonging. 

Through these events we are being encouraged to experience the actual nature of humanity and its relationship to all kingdoms of creation. This is beautifully expressed in the "Flower Garland Sutra"* (Avatamsaka sutra):

...In the heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object, and in fact IS every other object...

*The Flower Garland Sutra" from The Revolution From Within by Gloria Steinem

For many the changes which are being brought about through these new energies are causing extreme discomfort on the physical, sensory, emotional and mental levels. As we individually earthe the shifts in consciousness by releasing the old binding thought processes and behaviors, we are helping all people to make the shift as well. 

We are reminded that we are responsible only for our own creation, including our physical body and energy field, and the way we relate to all with which we come in contact. This is our Sphere of Influence, and it is from this place that all else emanates.

As Russell Paul Schofield, the founder of Actualism wrote:

...As we uplift, inspire, and work within our own structures, functions, and consciousness...as we are lifted up, we can reach out...and lift up others. But it must be done within our own personality systems...before we can successfully reach out to others...

Every day we are in a position to help earthe this new consciousness of Love, Wisdom and Good Will, deeper within the body of our planet Earth, and deeper into the body/mind awareness of Humanity in general. We are able to expand the energies of the previous seasons – those of Wisdom – the Illumined Mind imbued and enhanced with the power of Love. Love infused with Wisdom is Compassion in action. Wisdom and Love support the expression of Good Will opening all to the inflow of abundance.

This is a consciousness that is inclusive rather than exclusive – that we are all members of one family, the Human Family. It is a consciousness that recognizes the unique contribution that every unit of life – human, animal, plant or mineral; – makes to the well being of all life on Earth. It is a consciousness that enables the expanding of awareness of all levels and dimensions of living, and fosters a deepening awareness of the spherical, non-linear, interdimensional, interdependence that comes from being a part of the ALL.

We are in a planetary cycle which continues to provide an augmentation of the power and full potential of Planetary Consciousness that is being anchored deep within the core of the Earth. Now more than ever it is important to continue to invoke the triad of Love, Wisdom and Goodwill. We can help anchor these at all levels and all dimensions of creation. With our unified focus we then can channel that throughout the Networks direct to those places where conflict abounds. In this way, we provide inner support and power to those Lightworkers immediately responsible for bringing about Peace and Prosperity where ever they are.

We are invited to stand open to the inflowing energies being anchored deep within the core of the Earth through the willing intent of Lightworkers throughout world. As members of a tremendous network of Light which is within, throughout and all about each of us, the planet and the cosmos, we are encouraged to use this period to continue the work we began several years ago.

Increasing tensions and the re-emergence and escalation of hostilities in many places around the world provides an even greater challenge to those who have chosen this Path of Earth Service.  This is a period when the Will to Good, Peace and Unity is being tested. Lightworkers are being called upon to intensify the process of building bridges of Light across the chasm from old, destructive states of consciousness and behavior to the new consciousness of Unity, Prosperity, and Well-being for all.

Using our group power and intention we can earthe Love, rather than its inversions: hate, rage, kill. We can earthe Wisdom, rather than its inversions: fear, ignorance, illusion, and delusion. We can earthe the Will to Good, rather than its inversions: abuse of power, control, manipulation, greed and impoverishment. Through our willingness to open to the Mind, Heart and Will of the Father/Mother Creator of the Cosmos, we can bring about the reestablishment of Heaven on Earth – the Paradise Lost for which so many have been yearning.

With this in mind, we invite you to join us as we enter into the next phase of our mission to earthe the networks of light throughout the world. We do this through the focused intent for the energy of Love, Wisdom and Goodwill to be anchored deeply within each of us, so that we may reach out to those who are personally involved in this struggle for right human relations wherever they may be.

Let us focus together first in the beauty of our individual uniqueness. Recognize how that uniqueness is not lost through union. Experience the harmony that is created by our union. As we enter into this union of diversity, let us hold each other in the light of our mutual support, protection and healing...seeking to manifest and recreate the balance and harmony in whatever area of life and living it is needed...extending powerful support to the many Anchors of Light wherever they are. And, in so doing may we all continue to manifest more of our potential, demonstrate more of our Actual Authority, our Faith in ourselves and Compassion for each other's learning steps along the way to wholeness...expressing this with deep love and gratitude, appreciation and recognition of who we are and why we have come together...as we freely, willingly and joyfully journey along the path of earth service.

--Bernice B. Cousins



The Dance of Light: The Dance of Life

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be
known as the children of God … Matthew 5:1-12

Modern technology has enabled our human family to reach out across time and space to create a global community. This community has a global consciousness that never sleeps. We function “'round the clock”, 24/7, connected by an invisible World Wide Web – a network, which up until a decade ago, existed only on the inner dimensions of life.  The gifts that technology brings to us have also made our connection with our beloved planet more remote. As people move from a rural, agrarian environment into the urban settings, the connection with the actual rhythm of life is often stretched, and in some instance actually broken.  The global consciousness response to this is a powerful reawakening to the interrelated, interconnection of all elements of life sustained by our home planet.

As the Sun moves northward in its annual cyclical dance with our home planet, Earth, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere of this amazing entity are beginning to experience the quickening associated with renewal and regeneration. At the point of the Summer/Winter Solstices, (June 20 and December 21 in 2020), our planet experiences the extremes in the length of day and night. The point of maximum tension between daylight and darkness. Then, as the hours of daylight increase in the northern hemisphere, or decrease in the southern hemisphere, we come, once again, to that point of perfect balance – the Vernal/Autumnal Equinox – equal hours of daytime and nighttime. The 2020 Equinoxes occur on March 19 and on September 22. We can experience that point of perfect balance, harmony and equilibrium, otherwise known as absolute peace.

This is a time for new beginnings, renewal, reclamation and redemption. It is a time when we can draw on all of the available cosmic energy to help us manifest an abundant harvest that can be beneficial to all members of all kingdoms of planet Earth. During the months immediately following the equinox, as earth continues it journey around the sun, we enter into the phase of the three major spiritual festivals: Easter, Wesak and finally the Festival of Humanity also known as the Festival of Good Will.

How we prepare for this period is vitally important. It is as though we are preparing the earth to receive the seeds of consciousness that will result in the abundant harvest generated by the components of Love, Wisdom and the Will to Good. The fruit of that harvest is the Peace that is beyond all understanding.

Our intuitive wisdom comes from our racial or historical memory, filed in the library of our DNA. This wisdom tells us that how we prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and tend the fields at this time will influence the nature and abundance of the harvest available to us when the Sun changes its direction and moves southward

Often, when the word “peace” is mentioned, thoughts immediately go to places where there is war or other events that produce turmoil, hardship, conflict, scarcity, chaos and fear. As a result, when we think of peace, we are actually thinking of the absence of peace, and therefore the energy that is being transmitted is the opposite of the peace that we are trying to create.

In order to transmit the energy of Peace, we must first be at peace within – deep within – at the core of being. How we get to this place of Peace Within is as varied as the individual. For some it can be through prayer, others meditation. Whatever the method of approach, the key is to be in that place of perfect calm, serenity and wholeness – at-one-ment.

It has been said: “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart” (author unknown).

For those who have experienced difficulty in coming to this place of Peace Within, it may help to recall a place in nature where you felt the stillness and quiet. Others may recall a place or person who provided security and comfort. For many it is a “remembrance” of the feelings and sensations that lie deep within, buried but not completely forgotten.

Choose your own path to the place of Peace Within. Walk it slowly, savoring the essence of the feeling that surrounds you, floods your being, fills your heart, quiets your mind and soothes your senses. Walk it often so that you are filled to overflowing and willing to share this essence with those who you pass along the way, for it is only when you are filled to overflowing that you can radiate this Peace Within outward to the world so that others may be warmed by it, nourished by it, and uplifted by it. From this place you become the living example of the invocation: Let there be Peace on Earth – Let it begin with me!

Working from this place of Peace Within, we are able to move outward along the inner networks of Light, reaching out to touch the hearts, mind and spirit of our human family wherever they may be, and offer them the fruit of our labors. In this way we earth the message of the Christ – Peace be within you. My peace I give you.

From this place of Peace Within* let us move forward with our work together.

*Actualism teaches how to find a place of Peace within called the Upper Room.


This is a call to action in an ongoing campaign to earthe Wisdom, Love and Good Will in all regions of the planet. Won't you join us in this opportunity not only to earthe the light, but to link up with lightworkers around the planet. You are encouraged to share the project with others as you receive inner direction to do so.

We propose to undertake this campaign to augment the inner and outer networks of Light in the following ways:

  • Take your place in a group power stance in consciousness. Think of standing in the inflowing light of the Healing Grace of God's Love — pouring through your own axis and the group's axis. You may of course, emphasize any attribute of the Light according to your inner direction.

  • Magnetically open to draw in the flow from the Higher while you dynamically direct it downward and outward through your field and into the earth.

  • Turn and face outward and let that light flow THROUGH you to all.

  • Experience the high frequency power of the light energy moving through your body-mind as through a transformer, modulating in intensity and vibratory rate so that it is made accessible to all kingdoms of life on this planet.

  • Experience it anchoring deep within the planet, and experience the loving response of the Being of Light whose body is the planet Earth, as you are recognized and acknowledged for the light you are channeling to the Earth.

  • As you stand, facing outward from the source of life energy, open to the inflow of communication from Planetary Hierarchy, and recognize that you are a conduit for nonverbally transmitting this communication to all.

  • If you have a special area of concern hold that area in awareness and let the light flow throughout it as well.

  • It is important to remember that it is not necessary to have brain-mind awareness of solutions, or to judge the right or wrong in any given situation.

  • Give yourself space and time to assimilate the inflowing essence which is your gift from the Earth, Planetary Hierarchy, and other Beings of Light. Since you too are on the planet, the gifts of love and light that you have transmitted flow back to you as well.

  • For more on how to do planetary lightwork, please see the article "Planetary Work" by Dr. Bruce R. Jaffe.


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