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magenta-turquoise star Coast Star Center

Costa Mesa, CA

Stan Smith
Cheryl Kanner
Costa Mesa, CA
Tel. (323) 428-4268
Email: coast-starcenter@actualism.org

Situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, in the heart of California's South Coast region, Coast Star Center offers Life Energy training and healing work. All sessions are by appointment.


orange red star Laguna Beach Star Center

Laguna Beach, CA

Cheryl Kanner
Laguna Beach, CA
Tel. (949) 494-0138
Email: laguna-starcenter@actualism.org

Laguna Beach Star Center is the newest jewel in our crown of Actualism Lightwork teaching locations. Center Director Cheryl Kanner is a gifted bodyworker as well as an outstanding teacher.

The Center holds gatherings focused on "Actualism Community Building" periodically, open to all students and free of charge. For the date of the next meeting, and directions or questions, please contact Cheryl at 949-494-0138.


red-purple star Los Angeles Star Center

Los Angeles, CA

Stan Smith
Serving the Los Angeles Area
Tel. (323) 428-4268
Email: la-starcenter@actualism.org

In a city known for its stars, Los Angeles Star Center shines with a bright inner radiance. Classes are offered about every six weeks, from beginning to advanced levels. Bodywork sessions and training are also available. Many of our Los Angeles area students work in the entertainment industry, and have found it invaluable in enhancing their creative process, while reducing their stress. Join them and shine!

Center Director Stan Smith has recently written a book, Living in the Infinite and Still Getting to Work on Time.


purple-green star New York Star Center

New York City

Bruce R. Jaffe, Ph.D.
New York, NY
email: ny-starcenter@actualism.org

The New York Star Center, founded in 1975, is now the "Center Without Walls", exploring new formats and approaches to Actualism teaching, including the StarPath Seminars.

From time to time the Center presents special seminars and teaching events in Actualism Lightwork from beginning to advanced levels.

Director Bruce Jaffe is the co-founder and editor of our Actualism website, along with the late Senior Actualism Teacher and former Co-Directof of New York Star Center, Bernice B. Cousins.


orange-red star San Diego Star Center

San Diego, CA

Linda Langhorn, Center Director
Encinitas, CA
Lawrence Coleman, Basic Course Teacher
San Diego, CA
Email: sd-starcenter@actualism.org

San Diego Center offers classes in Encinitas and San Diego, drawing students from throughout the county. Our annual summer Day of Meditation, organized by Lawrence Coleman, who also teaches Basic classes in San Diego, is open to everyone who has had the Actualism Introductory session (details are available on this website). Linda Langhorn teaches Basic and Advanced lessons in Encinitas.


blue-light blue star San Francisco Bay Area Star Center

San Francisco Bay, CA

Stan Smith
Ginny Pruitt

Serving the Bay Area
Tel. (323) 428-4268
Email: sf-starcenter@actualism.org

The San Francisco Bay Area Center offers a full range of teaching, bodywork, and lightwork-related seminars. The Center is located in Oakland, overlooking beautiful Sausal Creek. Center Director Stan Smith is the author of Living in the Infinite and Still Getting to Work on Time, about how to understand, relate to, and deepen the experience of your higher self.

For information about our training in other locations, please e-mail: admin@actualism.org. Postal mailing address:

Actualism Administrative Office
P.O. Box 3045
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-3045

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