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A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels

Gustav Davidson

Skillful. Scholarly. Masterful. These are just a few of the adjectives, which describe Gustav Davidson’s extensive listing of Angelic data drawn from ecclesiastical writings and teachings of the religions of the world. First released in 1967, this compendium of Angels is profusely illustrated with masterpieces created by the masters of world art.

Free Press, div. Macmillan, Inc., NY
ISBN: 002907052X (Reissue)


Star Gates

Corinne Heline

This is a classic work on the Archangelic Beings – Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael and their relationship to the Cosmic Being we know as Earth (Gaia). Corrine Heline was a giant in the field of metaphysics and devoted her life work to the exploration of the mystical basis of Christianity. StarGates presents the  interrelationship of Earth and Sun in the continual dance of the seasons. The Angelic Guardian of each season is presented with a depth and understanding that surpasses a mere astronomical or astrological event.

This is a must in the library of any student of metaphysics.

New Age Bible & Publishing Center


To Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-Creation with the Devic Kingdom

Dorothy Maclean

Dorothy Maclean was a co-founder of the Findhorn community. Her life story is an inspiring account of a journey through self-discovery to an awareness of those forces, which "overlight" and give order to creation – the angelic kingdoms. Dorothy’s telepathic contact with these kingdoms was instrumental in bringing success and fame to the Findhorn gardens. Many of the messages she received are included in this book, and their simple wisdom is an inspiration to all.

This book laid the foundation for the expansion of human consciousness and awareness  of the co-creative partnership between humanity and nature.

Lorian Press, ISBN: 0-936878-01-0


Co-Creative Science by Machaelle Small Wright.

This book is about the science of living with nature intelligences. If you have read Machaelle's Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered and the "MAP" [Medical Assistance Program] books, you will especially appreciate this book as it fine tunes our need to live with and within all natural life, including the minute organisms which impact our immune systems. This book is so great because it gives not merely a theoretical explanation, but offers a way of living inclusively with all life, as a science and as a joyous partnership.

Perelandra Ltd., ISBN:0-927978-25-3 (Paperback)


Nature Cards

Machaelle Small Wright.

These cards were introduced as a communication bridge with Nature for any use with gardens growing in soil and for soil-less gardens as well. They are an invaluable inspirational aid for any issue – personal, professional, spiritual, and can be of immense benefit is helping one to “get out of one’s own way” where problem solving is called upon.

Perelandra Ltd., ISBN: 0-927978-51-2 (Available from www.perelandra-ltd.com)




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