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Dolphin Divination Cards

Nancy Clemens

Words of counsel and affirmation, guidance and inspiration. 108 cards help the user to open to the synchronicity, inner direction and guidance of one’s own Divine Nature. The Dolphin Divination Cards are inspired by the joy, love and liberation of the Dolphin members of our planetary family. The cards can be used as a focus for meditation or as a daily affirmation. They reveal the archetypes underlying our everyday lives while holding outer, inner and secret meaning to the user. They are ideal for helping youngsters develop their intuitive nature in a fun, easy and joyful manner.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, ISBN: 0-931892-79-1


A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards: A Guide for the Use and Personal Interpretation of the Dolphin Divination Cards

Nancy Clemens

The reception of the Dolphin Divination Cards led author/creator, Clemens to develop a guidebook, which expands all of the elements, essence and energy of the Cards into 102 inspirational, informational and practical readings. Overflowing with dolphin love and hope for the future, the Guide shares a universal spiritual ecology, inspired by the harmony of Dolphin “Pod” communities. The Guide contains an excellent reference list of Dolphin related topics.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, ISBN: 1-57733-017-X

Also available:

Dolphin Divinations: Original music to accompany the Dolphin Divination Cards

Kris Skidmore

Kris Skidmore weaves a gridwork of musical liquid light on keyboard and synthesizer against the background of oceanic sounds and Dolphin harmonics. A perfect musical accompaniment for readings, massage, meditation or just relaxing.

Audio Tape - ISBN: 1-57733-019-6


Navigating the Tides of Change: Stories From Science, The Sacred and a Wise Planet

David La Chapelle

Navigating the Tides of Change arrived, unsolicited, in the mail one day. Join author, David La Chapelle in the journey through the swirling currents of shifting awareness. How do we deal effectively with the accelerating tide of change sweeping over us every day? How do we manage to see light through the dark despair that many of us feel at the apparently ever-deteriorating state of our world.

La Chapelle invites you to “find a song, search for a star, listen to your heart, and join me as we search for a way through the turbulence of our times.”  By relating tales of places and people, fact and mystery, he reveals the patterns that connect, and possible ways to re-engage with the deeper rhythms of Earth. He reminds us that we make change first within ourselves, then outward – one small step at a time.

New Society Publishers, ISBN: 0-86571-424-X




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