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SACRED VOICES: Essential Women’s Wisdom Through The Ages

Mary Ford-Grabowsky, Editor

Sacred Voices celebrates the rich diversity of women’s spirituality. Throughout the ages, women have always raised their voices in joy, in sorrow, in prayer and invocation, but often these voices go unheard or are actually suppressed. This treasure trove of the best women’s spiritual writing speaks to all areas of the feminine sacred experience – from the dramatic mystical encounters with the divine to simply daily awareness of the Holy in all things. 150 female sages, from Sappho to Alice Walker, are represented in this collection poetry, prayers, chants, medications or contemplative prose. Each selection includes an introduction about the writer and her contribution to the world’s wisdom. Now more than ever, as we deal with a world in turmoil, and the reality that women in many parts of the world live in fear for their lives, with status lower than “cattle” – it is time to give our female ancestors voices a place to be heard.

Harper SanFrancisco, ISBN: 0-06-251702-3


AWAKENING YOUR GODDESS: A Practical Guide to Discovering a Woman’s Power, A Woman’s Glory

Liz Simpson

Each woman has the potential, power and freedom to become her own Goddess, in her own way. Using the magical, mysterious world of symbolic storytelling – mythology, Liz Simpson invites the reader to explore the various “universal truths” which are the heart of the mythological stories presented. In Simpson’s introductory remarks, she explains “mythology links the mortal and immortal worlds – in metaphorical terms, the conscious and unconscious realms of our minds. Indeed, it is a true religion in the sense that it accomplishes the original meaning of the word religio, to rebind. Through our appreciation of the underlying messages of myths we are in a better position to piece back together the fragmentation of the human soul that has taken place over many thousands of years”.

Gaia Books/ Barrons Educational Publishing,


MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS: What Your Angels Want You to Know

Doreen Virtue

MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS – 44 Card Deck and Guidebook

Doreen Virtue

“We all hear the voice of Heaven – I believe this with all my heart. The voice comes through our heart, our gut, our head, our ears and our eyes. It influences far more than we know – but only when we give it permission to through our formal or casual prayers. Even a rhetorical cry for help, such as “If anyone can hear me, please help!” is enough to evoke our angels’ assistance.” – Doreen Virtue

This sequel to Doreen Virtue’s bestseller – Angel Therapy – is a channeled work that contains fresh and uplifting information from the angelic realm. The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that will help the reader discover “life’s purpose”, heal emotional pain, and make crucial life decisions. The reader is provided with new levels of contentment, inspiration and direction. The book alone, or in combination with the 44 Card Deck, can be used as a divination tool – or simply a daily guide for direction and support.

Messages from Your Angels (book) Hay House,
ISBN: 1-56170-860-7
Messages from Your Angels (Deck and guidebook) Hay House,
ISBN: 1-56170-906-9




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