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FEEL GOOD NAKED 10 No-Diet Secrets to a Fabulous Body

Laure Redmond

“ I believe the bottom line for us as women is that if we cringe at the idea of looking at ourselves in the mirror – with or without clothes – how can we possibly present ourselves proudly to the world? I passionately believe that each woman must find a way to change her negative relationship with her body. If she does, she will forever change her life”.   Laure Redmond on Healing Body Hatred.

Ms. Redmond presents a fascinating 10 step program which will enable the reader to move that state of hating the way she/he looks to the point where they Feel Good Naked – that state of complete comfort and confidence.

Fair Wind Press, Gloucester, MA, ISBN: 1-931412-67-7


DETOX FOR HEALTH The 7-Day Detox Program Combining Diet and Massage

Nic Rowley and Kirsten Hartvig

Detox for Health is an enjoyable and effective all-in-one kit that offers a new way to attain health and vitality by purifying the body through a combination of diet and massage. The kit includes a 24-page instruction book, containing the basic principles of detoxification and 26 detox recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; massage cards; and 3 bottles of unblended essentials oils with unique detox properties; and a 16-page planner.  As with any program it is recommended that you follow the cautionary directions before engaging in the program.

Duncan Baird, UK/Thorsens USA, ISBN: 0-00-761259-1


HEALTH STYLE The Complete Integrated Guide to a Healthy Life / Living, Exercises, Food for a Healthy Life

Lorna Lee Malcolm

This book is for anyone who wants to re-orient his or her life for happier, healthier, and more tranquil, yet energized living. Tailored to the needs of the busy, modern reader, the author presents techniques for getting fit and staying fit through diet and nutrition, exercise, meditation stress control, detoxification. Waking and sleeping, it is possible to make major improvements in your overall well-being.

Duncan Baird, UK/Thorsen’s USA, ISBN:0-00-764485-X


THE HEALTHY KITCHEN Recipes for a Better Body, Life, and Spirit

Andrew Weil, MD, and Rosie Daley

“Lifelong health begins in the kitchen…” Andrew Weil and Rosie Daly (Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef) share their individual philosophies and join forces in presenting healthy, appealing and tasty recipes that will enable people to take better care of their bodies by eating the right food. Dr. Weil states that “food was the first medicine, and it can still be the best…it is my hope that our book will help readers everywhere in a move toward optimum health.”

“I want to make eating healthy, manageable and fun…Cooking is one of life’s pleasures and Americans should be enjoying more of it,” says Rosie Daley. Both Daley and Weil stress fresh ingredients and enhancing the natural flavors of foods with basic spices and herbs. This is a great all around cookbook to have in your library.

Alfred A. Knopf, NY, ISBN: 0-375-41306-5




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